• Feature Of Focal Beads

    Feature Of Focal Beads

    As parents, we all know how important a pacifier is to our little ones. As much as we love seeing our babies calm and content, sometimes they can’t seem to keep the pacifier in their mouth! That’s where pacifier clips come in handy, but did you know you can use silicone focal beads to...
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  • Silicone beads for gift

    Silicone beads for gift

    There are a few criteria that parents usually consider when gifting their baby. They want something functional, they want something safe, and they want something cute. This is where focus beads come in. A focal point bead is a larger bead that acts as a centerpiece for a piece of jewelry. When th...
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  • Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Us

    Silicone beads are growing in popularity for a variety of craft projects. They’re soft, durable, and versatile, making them perfect for jewelry, keychains, and even as focal points for pens. If you are looking for a reliable silicone beads supplier, please find us. That’s why we are t...
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  • The use of silicone beads

    The use of silicone beads

    Silicone beads are a very practical material that has grown in popularity in recent years. This material has many uses, such as stuffing toys, making journals, DIY crafts and decorations, etc. In this news, we will focus on the characteristics of this material and its application in actual produc...
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  • Product Brainstorming: Soother Clips

    Product Brainstorming: Soother Clips

    We can just feel your excitement from our side of our screens! We’re back with another product brainstorming blog post, and this time, we’re digging into soother clips!  If you make products for your small shop, you most likely make soother clips! They’re an essential baby product and extremely p...
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  • Tutorial: Double Hole Bead Teething Toy

    Tutorial: Double Hole Bead Teething Toy

    Our new Double Hole Bead Launch yesterday was SO EXCITING for our team! We love coming up with products that make crafting and product development easier for your shop, and we’re sure these double hole beads are going to be a game changer for you! If you’ve ever tried to make anything more intric...
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  • Easy DIY Teacher Gifts

    Easy DIY Teacher Gifts

    It’s been a while since I’ve experienced the joy of receiving special teacher gifts from my students! Chang Long has become my new “classroom”, where I’ve been learning so much about running a business while also constantly being inspired by the most incredible teammates here along the journey w...
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  • Chang Long Originals Brand

    Chang Long Originals Brand

    Here at Chang Long , we’re so proud to source for you the highest quality silicone crafting products and supplies in the market.  But even more than this, we are always especially excited to bring you our very own Chang LongOriginal products!! So, what is a Chang Long Original? They are our very ...
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  • Chang Long Originals: Our Process

    Chang Long Originals: Our Process

    basically we will give you the scoop on how we develop original products from initial sketch to final launch! Cozy up in your favorite spot, and let’s get into it! Our factory has always been to provide you with high quality, safe and well curated products for your silicone crafting supply ...
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  • Twist-a-Pet: The EASY (kid-friendly) DIY

    Twist-a-Pet: The EASY (kid-friendly) DIY

    We’re riding a wave of excitement and we hope you can feel it on your side of the screen! Our recent Twist-A-Pet DIY craft launch has been such a labor of love, and we hope you’re inspired to either purchase one of our EASY ready-made kits or make one of your very own with our step-by-step tutori...
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  • Silicone Crafting 101

    Silicone Crafting 101

    Everyone has to learn something for the first time, right?  If you’re new to silicone crafting, this is the blog post for you! Today’s post is a 101 class on everything you need to know for crafting with silicone!  If you’re not new, but looking for a refresher, we’re excited to have this post av...
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  • How to make a silicone baby teether l Chang Long

    How to make a silicone baby teether l Chang Long

    Silicone teething toys wholesale, helping baby relieve teething pain. 100% BPA-free food grade silicone, FDA certified, suitable for babies over 3 months old. Our silicone teethers come in various animal shape, At the same time, each style of silicone teether has a varie...
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